It's important for a mouse to feel good in the hand and not be too bulky in both form and weight. For precision gaming, this is vital, especially for twitch movement gamers.

I'm happy to find that the Zowie FK1 not only feels great in the hand but it's also lightweight. I've owned a lot of high end Logitech gaming mice over the years and one thing that I always found with them was that they arch into the palm more than other similar in class mice. The wireless ones also carry a bit more weight due to needing 2x AA batteries, although, newer models can use just 1.

The features alone won't wow veteran PC gamers out there as they're nothing that has not been seen before. The FK1 does have a few qualities that set it apart from other brands though. The ability to use it out of the box without any drivers or software to change DPI is one of them, as well as the ambidextrous design.

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