AT&T wireless subscribers now have a trio of new service plans to choose from when traveling abroad. The new program, known as Passport, covers travel in more than 150 countries and includes unlimited text, picture and video messaging as well as unlimited Wi-Fi access at participating hotspots.

The three bundles vary based on data and / or talk time needs. The entry-level Passport package will set you back $30 and includes 120MB of cellular data with overages charged at $0.25/MB and calls priced at $1.00 per minute. The $60 Passport Plus package raises the data allowance to 300MB, lowers the overage charge to $0.20/MB and reduces the talk time rate to $0.50 per minute.

Last but not least is the Passport Pro bundle priced at $120. It includes 800MB of data, a data overage charge of $0.15/MB and a rate of $0.35 per minute for voice calls.

AT&T’s Passport bundles are a one-time charge meaning you aren’t burdened with having to remember to call and cancel the package once you return from your trip. Each bundle is valid for 30 days and expires automatically.

The packages are likely in response to T-Mobile albeit a bit late. Last year, the wireless carrier dropped international data roaming and text message roaming in more than 100 countries. What’s more, T-Mobile set a fixed rate of $0.20 per minute for voice calls.

AT&T's Passport packages are available for purchase as of writing.