A week or so ago, marketing material for a pair of new Fitbit fitness trackers – the Fitbit Charge and the Charge HR – hit the web but apparently the company has more in store. Fitbit has been working on a third device that’ll serve as the company’s flagship wearable, the Fitbit Surge.

The Verge managed to get their hands on marketing material for the device which is described as being a “superwatch” for serious athletes.

The Surge features integrated GPS tracking, PurePulse heart rate monitoring and the ability to dole out real-time workout data when performing a number of different activities. Such data is said to include, pace, distance, elevation climbed and heart rate intensity, just to name a few.

Fitness tracking aside, the Surge will also be able to provide call and text notifications from your smartphone just as any other smartwatch would. What’s more, wearers will be able to control music playback from their wrist.

As the publication correctly points out, the Surge only offers basic smartwatch capabilities and isn’t a full-on replacement for Android Wear devices or the upcoming Apple Watch. Then again, standalone smartwatches don’t exactly fill a need so that’s not really saying much.

The Fitbit Surge is expected to retail for $249 and will be offered in your choice of black, slate or tangerine. No word on when they’ll surface and be available for purchase, however.