As multi-member families are already well aware of, sharing a single streaming account across several users can be a pain. Adding more user accounts is the obvious answer but unless said service offers a family plan, you're stuck with paying full price for each account on top of having to juggle multiple bills for the same service.

Such was the case with Spotify... up until today, that is.

The streaming music service has announced a new family plan that allows up to five people to stream tunes at any given time. All users will share the same billing account but key features like recommendations, listening history and playlists will be unique to each user.

Pricing starts at $14.99 for two members and jumps up to $19.99 for three listeners. Adding a fourth member to the account increases the monthly rate to $24.99 while a fifth member brings the bill up to $29.99 each month.

A single Spotify premium account sells for $9.99 so there's definitely some savings to be had in the family plan if you're already buying individual accounts or were planning to do so.

For those of you that don't need a family plan and happen to be in school, here's a little-known tip: Spotify offers a student discount that'll save you 50 percent off the price of a premium subscription, bringing the total cost per month down to just $4.99.

Spotify Family will roll out globally over the upcoming weeks.