Microsoft has launched the first update to the Windows 10 Technical Preview, adding in several new features for Windows Insider participants to test. The update brings the operating system up to build 9860, and is delivered as usual through Windows Update.

One of the main new features added is a beta version of the Action Center. The feature that we first saw in Windows Phone has now made its way to Windows, collecting notifications in a simple list. In future versions of Windows 10, the functionality of the Action Center will be expanded to include ways to respond to notifications, among other things. Other features that have made the jump from Windows Phone include Data Sense, which monitors your data usage on metered networks and allows you to restrict internet access when a monthly cap is reached, and a self-explanatory Battery Saver. These features will be most useful to people with tablets and laptops running Windows 10.

Animations have also been updated throughout the OS, making it feel subtly different to the last build. New keyboard shortcuts have been added (Win + Shift + arrow keys for moving apps between monitors), and there have been some regressions: the UI for joining Wi-Fi networks has been downgraded as Microsoft works on revamping it.

If you are running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, head into Windows Update to grab the new build. This is the only way to update, as Microsoft has indicated that they won't be releasing an ISO version of build 9860.