Although Apple Pay, the new contact-less payment system from Apple that went live on Monday for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users is officially only available in the US, it can apparently be used in other countries as well.

"It does work in Australia with PayWave!", confirmed one person on the Whirlpool forums, who was using a Citibank credit card. Folks at TechSmartt also claim that they've successfully used the service in Kingston, Canada.

To use Apple Pay in countries outside the US, you need to first tell your phone that you are in the US, something which can easily be done by setting US as your home country in your iPhone's Language & Region settings. Once done, you can add your credit card to the Passbook app, and use the payment service at POS terminals supporting NFC-based payments.

Cards issued outside of the US do not work with Apple Pay, of course, which means that you can only use the service if you have a card registered with a US bank. Moreover we should note that using a US credit card for purchases in a foreign country will likely incur currency conversion fees. Nonetheless, it's still an important discovery as it means that US nationals traveling abroad can use Apple Pay to make payments in retail stores that support NFC.

Apple will likely launch Apple Pay in more markets in the future – there were reports last month that the payment service is set to arrive in Europe next year.