There are many big name Hollywood actors reported to be on the short list to play Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic. Already set with director Danny Boyle at the helm, it has now been confirmed that Christian Bale, as many expected, will indeed star as the late Apple CEO.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Television, well known screenwriter Aaron Sorkin said Bale got the role without even auditioning. Sorkin explained the production required the best actor in a certain age range "and that's Chris Bale." Other actors that were previously reported to be in the running included Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper and others. 

Sorkin also mentioned that Bale will have his work cut out for him in the upcoming film, as there is not one scene he isn't in. The actor will apparently have more words to say "than most people have in three movies combined," according to Sorkin. The writer is quite confident Bale can pull it off saying "he is gonna crush it."

The upcoming Danny Boyle film is based on the 2011 Walter Isaacson Steve Jobs biography and is set to begin shooting in the next few months. You can check out a clip from the Aaron Sorkin interview below: