Sony Pictures Entertainment and Columbia Pictures commissioned Aaron Sorkin to pen the screenplay for a Steve Jobs biopic in mid-2012. We've since learned that David Fincher is in talks to direct the film based on Walter Isaacson's authorized biography and that he's hoping to cast Christian Bale to play the role of the late Apple co-founder.

Word on the web is that Fincher will only join the project if he is able to land Bale. According to a report from TheWrap, Bale hasn't been approached to play Jobs just yet as he is taking a brief break from acting to spend time with his family.

Sorkin let slip a while back that the film would consist of just three scenes and no, that isn't a typo. It'll be based on the backstage antics prior to a trio of historic product reveals and takes place in real time. Those product unveilings include the original Macintosh computer, the NeXT (after Jobs left Apple) and the iPod. Interestingly enough, the lead-up to the first iPhone - arguably one of Apple's most important products of all time - didn't make the cut.

If all goes well, production could begin by the end of this year. But considering Bale and Fincher will be busy promotion their own movies, "Exodus" and Gone Girl" later this fall, it is more likely that shooting won't get under way until early 2015.