With Windows 10, Microsoft will be adding in a range of new trackpad gestures that will make the operating system easier to use. The company's Joe Belfiore showed off some of the new gestures at his TechEd Europe keynote, stating that an update to the Windows 10 Technical Preview would make the gestures available to testers soon.

One of the main new gestures is swiping either up or down with three fingers, which will minimize or bring back all active windows. The three finger swipe up will also be used to reveal Windows 10's Task View, which neatly shows all active applications. Three finger swiping on the trackpad to the left or right will be used to move between applications.

All of these new gestures are essentially identical to those available in OS X. In Apple's OS, swiping up with three fingers reveals Mission Control, which looks very similar to the new Task View in Windows 10, while three finger swiping left and right switches between fullscreen applications. But hey, this wouldn't be the first time a feature from one company's OS has ended up in the other's.

Alongside the improved trackpad gestures, Microsoft is adding in new window snapping features that will work across multiple displays. Hovering apps in the center of the monitor will bring up a transparent snap window, and dragging to either side will then snap the application to that side of the monitor.

The new features are all part of Microsoft's increased focus on improving the experience for power users. If you're currently using the Windows 10 Technical Preview, look out for a new build soon (build 9865) that will allow you to test out these features for yourself.