A new wave of job cuts at Microsoft has left 3,000 people unemployed. It's all part of a company-wide restructuring effort set in motion by CEO Satya Nadella shortly after replacing Steve Ballmer this past February.

The most recent cuts are spread across many different business units and several different countries according to a Microsoft spokesperson.

GeekWire has it on good authority that many of the affected positions are in support roles such as finance, human resources, sales and marketing. Specifically, the site claims 638 of the job cuts were in the Seattle area.

This is the third wave of job cuts at Microsoft since the summer. In July, the Redmond-based company sent 13,000 people packing followed by a second wave that terminated the jobs of an additional 2,100 staffers two months later. In total, Microsoft has shaved off roughly 14 percent of its global workforce and is nearly complete with the planned restructuring.

When the restructuring was first announced, Nadella provided two primary reasons for the cuts. First, he said Microsoft needed to slim down to become more agile and move faster. This included having fewer levels of management to accelerate the flow of information and decision making.

The second reason was to deal with Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia. When the two merged, it created a lot of overlapping of jobs that simply weren't needed anymore.