Apple Pay has been topping headlines as of late but it's an established contactless payment provider that's making moves today. Google has added a new way to add money to your Google Wallet account without incurring fees and they'll let you know when your accout is nearly drained.

The new feature allows you to set up recurring bank transfers to your Google Wallet account. You can choose the amount, set a schedule (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) and everything else will take care of itself. Best yet, there are no fees or minimum balance requirements.

Google has also added a low balance alert feature to the Wallet app so you can get an alert when your funds hit a certain threshold. To set it up, simply open the app and touch "Low Balance alert" from the main screen.

For those with security concerns, Google is quick to point out that your Wallet account is backed by 24/7 fraud monitoring. In the event of unauthorized use, Google will cover it 100 percent and if your device is lost or stolen, it's easy to disable the Wallet app online or through Google customer support.

It seems that the only missing feature here would be to combine the two - have a bank transfer that's triggered by a low balance alert.

The additional features are part of the new version of Google Wallet in the Google Play Store and the App Store.