Remember when Black Friday deals were true to their name? You know, when they actually started on Black Friday.

That, of course, is no longer the case as retailers are hell-bent on beating the competition to the punch to the point where Black Friday deals at brick-and-mortar stores now start around mid-evening on Thanksgiving Day.

It's even worse online (or better, depending on your perspective) as e-commerce sites have their own Black Friday sales in addition to Cyber Monday and even month-long savings.

This year is no different as Amazon, Newegg and Walmart have launched their "Black November" campaigns, a month-long sales extravaganza leading up to November 28. Here's the skinny on what you can expect from each store in the coming weeks.

Amazon's Black November deals are already live and in typical fashion, there's a wide range of products to be had - many with steep discounts. A quick check as I penned this story revealed savings of up to 80 percent on some items.

Each week during the month of November, Newegg will release exclusive deals on a number of different products. For the entire month of November, they're marking down items across 60 subcategories. If you're in the market to build a new computer, now might be the perfect time to start buying components.

Walmart's Black Friday deals are under way with the company planning to slash prices on 20,000 items this holiday season including game systems, flat screen TVs, toys and more. If you don't find anything you're after at this point, fret not, as most retailers save their best doorbuster deals for actual Black Friday.

Are you looking to buy anything particular for yourself this holiday season?