Google is rolling out a major software update for its Nest learning thermostats that, among other things, includes a tweak to the algorithm responsible for learning and automatically adjusting temperatures based on user habits.

The 4.3 update, which will be pushed to all Wi-Fi connected Nest thermostats over the coming week, claims to refine the Auto-Schedule feature to help save up to six percent more on heating and cooling bills. Specifically, it'll be able to pick up on schedule changes faster than before.

Elsewhere, the Nest team is adding the ability to quickly see the time and outside temperature on the thermostat. Simply push the ring once to see the aforementioned information. From there, users can turn the ring to see a summary of how much energy they used the day before and what the current day's schedule looks like.

Most of this information is already presented on the Nest but you had to dig through menus and settings to find it.

Last but not least, the update includes a new system test that'll walk users through basic functions to help solve any issues and verify that heating and cooling functions are indeed working correctly.

To check and see if your Nest has the latest update, just push in on the dial and if you see the Quick View information mentioned above, you're all set. If not, wait a few days and check again.