Disney isn’t just asking Google to turn over the IP address of the person responsible for leaking the trailer of Avengers: Age of Ultron nearly a week early – they’re demanding it.

On the outside, Marvel acted as if the early leak wasn’t a major deal. They sent a takedown notice for the trailer before launching the official version shortly after. The company even playfully referenced the incident on Twitter.

Behind the scenes, however, Marvel was pissed.

Earlier this week, they asked a judge for a subpoena against Google to help determine the identity of the leaker. The subpoena was granted a day later.

All we really know at this point is the video was uploaded to Google Drive by someone with the username “John Gazelle.” The judge presiding over the matter has ordered Google to hand over the IP address associated with the Google Drive account in addition to any IPs associated with the user’s Google+ and YouTube accounts.

Google has been instructed to present said information in a court hearing on November 18.

Some will no doubt question why Marvel is going after someone so hard over a leaked trailer. Marvel’s thinking is likely that if they have access to the trailer early, they may also have access to post the full movie ahead of its theatrical release.

Such was the case this past summer with the new Expendables movie that ultimately turned out to be a flop in theaters. Was the early leak to blame?