Motorola and Verizon have teamed up to release a new flagship called the Droid Turbo. While the device does not claim to be the thinnest device on the market, it does pack some high-end specs and promises 48-hour battery life. While other features are noteworthy too, for most users it'll be this impressive battery life claim what catches their attention. After all, what good is the 2.7 Ghz quad-core processor if it kills your battery in only a few hours?

Right from the start you will notice some subtle changes to how Verizon is pushing the 'Droid' brand. For starters, when you turn the device on, it no longer says "DROOOIDDD" loudly. Anyone who has ever had an older Droid that did this, knows the embarrassing feeling of trying to turn your phone on in a public setting only to have it announce to everyone that your phone was rebooting.

But here we are, with a new Motorola flagship on Verizon that is playing in a heavily contested marketplace with iPhones, Lumias and of course the recently launched Nexus 6. With all of these devices competing for your dollar, does the Droid Turbo stand out enough to warrant a two-year commitment?

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