Microsoft has been making a number of changes to its Office suite for iOS recently. The company is not only now embracing the freemium model but has also added Dropbox integration along with a host of other updates across the board. Microsoft's seemingly aggressive strategy with its productivity suite has paid off. Word, Excel and Powerpoint have all shot to the top of the free app list on the App Store. 

Previously only offering a limited feature set to those that weren't also 365 subscribers, Microsoft Word for iPhone and iPad is now the number one downloaded app on iTunes. Excel and Powerpoint hold the eighth and tenth positions for iPhone and the second and seventh positions on iPad.

The company has previously been criticized for taking too long to deliver iOS versions of its Office suite and the previously limited functionality that came with them. While some suggest the company's move to the freemium model may be too late, even though both Google and Apple have office-like software available for free on Mac and iOS, Microsoft's flagship software suite still managed to takeover the iTunes download charts.

Microsoft said recently that Office for iPad has been downloaded over 40 million times with more than 1 billion people using the suite in total. Both fairly impressive numbers that are likely to continue to grow as the company goes after a larger slice of iOS market share.