About a month ago, popular music streaming service Spotify introduced family plan pricing at a lower price than its competitors, and today Rdio is making a move of its own. It was one of the first of its kind to introduce discounted family plans, and in many ways it was the key difference between Rdio and the steadily growing Spotify service for quite some time. 

Rdio's initial offerings would run you $17.99 for two accounts and three for $22.99, both more expensive than the $5 per extra family member Spotify charges. But that all changes starting now. Rdio's new family pricing now comes in-line with Spotify's, while offering a similar scope of features. While a single sub will work with some families just fine, only one track can be played from a single device at once. Family plans like those from Rdio and Spotify allow for multiple users to stream different songs from different devices at the same time.

Rdio family pricing tiers are now broken down very similar to others: 2 family members for $15, 3 family members for $20, 4 family members for $25 and 5 family members $30.

While it's clearly the right move for Rdio to stay at least on par with Spotify, it certainly still as its work cut out for it. Spotify has 12.5 million subscribers paying $120 a year and is still counted as the largest pure music streaming service around. However, one major difference still remains between the two services, you can still listen to Taylor Swift on Rdio.