Scheduling a technician to install or repair Internet / cable / phone services is a royal pain. While most service providers offer an arrival window of anywhere between two and four hours or so, it's not uncommon to see the technician arrive several hours ahead of or behind schedule.

After what has no doubt been years of complaints on the matter, Comcast has finally come up with a solution that could put an end to wasting your time.

In a blog post on the matter, Comcast senior vice president of customer experience, Charlie Herrin, said a new program will allow customers with a scheduled service appointment to receive an alert via Comcast's MyAccount app when the technician is roughly 30 minutes away.

It gets better, however, as customers can even track the technician's progress on a map in real-time. Should a technician get tied up on an earlier job, Comcast will send a notice via the app that they'll be running a bit late.

If you've got a few errands to run or can't take a full day off from work, this certainly sounds like a plausible solution versus waiting around and burning the better half of a day doing nothing.

Herrin said the new feature is going into trial this week in Boston and if customer feedback on the service goes well, they hope to roll it out to everyone sometime next year.