You might remember this story where I reported that certain motherboard manufacturers were enabling a BIOS feature that would let users enable 'PAT' (Performance Acceleration Technology) on i865PE based mainboards, the catch is of course, manufacturers never called it that (but rather some other generic speed up) and Intel never meant to enable this feature only meant to be used in 875P chipsets.

Motherboard manufacturers are showcasing this feature for selling their boards, The Inq is reporting Intel is obviously not happy about it:

CHIP FIRM INTEL warned that system manufacturers and users that attempt to overclock 865 chipsets using PAT (performance acceleration technology) may end up with systems that are not under warranty.
The stern warning sends out a clear challenge from Intel to motherboard makers including Asus, Epox, Abit and others that introducing a BIOS to enable elements of 875 technology in 865 chipsets is meeting strong disapproval from the chip giant.