The most searched tech device of the year is ... iPhone 6, according to Microsoft's Bing, which has released its annual list of top searches for 2014. After that, people searched for Xbox One, Fitbit, iPad, Surface Pro 3, and more.

As for the most searched apps, Facebook's mobile app topped the list, followed by Twitter, Instagram, Skype and Vine. The top gaming apps were Candy Crush and Angry Birds.

Talking of top news stories, three sporting events, including the World Cup, Super Bowl, and Winter Olympics, made it to the top 5, grabbing the number 1, 2, and 4 spot, respectively. While the missing Malaysia Airlines jet came in at number 3, the rise of terror group ISIS grabbed the fifth spot.

There are several other categories that give an insight of what was relevant to the masses during the year, too. For example, the 5 most searched-for sports teams include the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Denver Broncos. Similarly, Frozen was the most searched movie, followed by Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Divergent, and The Expendables 3.

As for the most searched person, reality star Kim Kardashian bumped singer Beyonce Knowles off the top spot this year. For other search categories, head to Bing Trends, where you can also explore top search lists for the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, India, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Brazil.