Amazon customers in Seattle can now access a new Local service which offers food takeout or delivery for a wide range of nearby restaurants. The feature is currently in testing and allows people to choose from a number of cuisines including Japanese, Italian, Thai and other regional delicacies with a few clicks -- providing the restaurants are within their area.

Currently, there are around 20 restaurants offering delivery service and over 100 requiring pickup. The ordering process is similar to Grubhub, with Amazon acting as the go-between so you can conveniently order dishes without having to browse each individual site or order over the phone. Navigation is quite intuitive with everything divided into separate categories, including beverages and side dishes, so you can easily browse through a restaurant's entire menu.

The Takeout & Delivery service features other key information like average waiting times, minimum spend for free delivery and a synopsis of each restaurant. The service is only available in Seattle for the moment but it should be expanded to other territories in the future.

This venture follows on from Amazon's Fresh, which offers same-day and early morning delivery for everything from groceries to toys, electronic goods and household items in Seattle, Southern California and the Bay Area.

Unlike with Fresh, however, Amazon is not handling deliveries itself but rather acting as the middleman between customers and restaurants.