I had my eye out for a 4K or at least a ultra widescreen monitor for my desktop set-up over the Black Friday sale weekend. Having seen a couple in action, I was quite impressed, but couldn't quite get around the steep price tag. 

To be honest, I'm not an expert in this particular field by any means, but would like to have at least as high a resolution (ideally much higher) for my home dektop computer as I do with my laptop. I'm starting to find more and more people moving from multi-HD set-ups to more expensive ultrawide/4K monitors like those from Dell, LG and ASUS, so it is something that is certainly on my radar.

I am still using a fairly basic 1080p monitor and, especially for the work I do, have never really felt the need to upgrade outside of simply wanting the newest and best option out there. So for this week's open forum we are wondering what kind of display set-ups you guys are using and whether or not you think the jump up to a ultra wide/4K (or higher?) option is worth the money for the home desktop.