As Oculus and other VR options inch their towards mass market appeal, a number of third party developers are looking to get in on the tech as early as possible. One of those companies is developer Runtastic. The team is leveraging VR tech as a new way to experience its popular workout apps in a whole new way.

The idea of having a large device strapped to your head certainly isn't something that will appeal to everyone, but there is some interesting possibilities here. With basic Oculus tech, Runtastic will be able to transport you to just about anywhere including beautiful beach front houses or a number of other exotic locales for your morning workout.

While still just a prototype app at this point, the team at Runtastic has aimed for an entirely hands-free experience. On-screen, users will see their virtual trainer along with a heads up display consisting of real time stats and other things.

It was only a matter of time before app developers started to look into VR implementation in a major way. As some have suggested, the premise (like most VR showcases) is interesting but the Oculus is bulky and likely not something most people would want to wear while working out. Based on reports of those who have used the headset, it would likely get extremely hot and sweaty on your head in its current state. Having said that, this is just the early stages of VR training and it wouldn't be surprising to see a stripped down headset specifically for working out somewhere down the line.