Nest thermostat owners can now use Google's iOS and Android apps to control their home's temperature. The feature will support over two dozen voice commands for controlling the smart thermostat via Google Now, either using the official app or through the microphone or search box on Chrome.

Google Now will also bring up card notifications to let you know when Nest is changing things up based on your presets. It's also appears to use location-based actions to deliver the right temperature at the right time – to pre heat or cool down home when you're coming back from work, for example.

If you own a Nest thermostat, you'll need to authorise your account first by opting into the voice commands and the Google Now card here.

Nest launched its Works with Nest program back in June, opening up its platform to developers and other home automations devices. The integration with Google Now shouldn't come as a surprise considering the search giant spent upwards of $3 billion for the smart-devices company.