Facebook doesn't want a whole bunch of mediocre mobile photos littered throughout its service, so starting today it will automatically enhance any photos uploaded through its application. 

The auto-enhance feature will adjust lighting, shadows and clarity to make photos captured with a smartphone look brighter, clearer and better. A slider will be available at the bottom of the upload window so you can select how strong the effect will be.

If you're an image purist or capturing a photo with an excellent smartphone camera like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Apple iPhone 6 Plus, you can disable the automatic enhancing if you like.

The feature is similar to what Google has had available in their Google+ app over the past year or so. While the Facebook app did previously allow you to add filters and apply one-touch enhancements, the new auto-enhance feature is faster to use and more effective.

Photo auto-enhancing is now available in the Facebook app on iOS, with the Android app set to receive an update in the coming weeks. At this stage the feature will not be able on other platforms, including through the desktop web client.