Lenovo is dedicating much of its CES floor space to its Yoga line and other new entrants but they haven't forgotten about the venerable ThinkPad. In addition to some revised machines, Lenovo has announced a new accessory system designed to help eliminate cable clutter for ThinkPad road warriors.

The ThinkPad Stack line is a series of modular, stackable accessories that each has their own function. They can be used individually or stacked on top of each other and are held in place using built-in magnets.

The initial lineup of accessories won't knock your socks off but it does cater to most users' needs. There's a 1TB hard drive module with USB 3.0 connectivity priced at $199.99, a 10,000mAh battery pack module that'll set buyers back $49.99, an LTE hotspot module that will sell for $199.99 and a Bluetooth speaker with a $89.99 price tag.

Individually, they're a bit on the pricey side as something like a 1TB hard drive can be had for much cheaper but that's missing the point. The idea is that you can eliminate the cable clutter associated with standalone devices and perhaps free up some space in a cramped notebook bag in the process. All of this could enhance productivity which, in the business world, is quite a valuable commodity.

Lenovo plans to launch its ThinkPad Stack line in April.