Microsoft Confirms Bug in Hyper-Threading for Windows XP SP1.

AMD to outsource IT to India? The outsourcing trend is well advanced in Western European and North American companies.

Sony Music said that it would begin selling music downloads in Britain for its top artists, making it the last among the major recording labels to join Europe's music download bandwagon.

ATI Technologies and Intel will shortly release new chipsets (RS300 & 865P, respectively) competing directly with products from VIA and SiS.

A new partnership between British Telecommunications and Yahoo will rebrand the telecom company's OpenWorld service as BT Yahoo Broadband.

Italian Police have swooped on a major counterfeiting ring based in Italy and have nabbed €118 million ($139.8 million) worth of fake software, the Business Software Alliance said.

GameCube hackable? As of yet there is no way to actually play the games after burning to a mini-disc, but reliable sources say that there will be a hack for the GameCube released soon so that illegal ISOs can be played.