AllCast has been helping Android users beam online content to the assortment of now available casting hardware including devices from Google, Amazon, Roku, Microsoft, Apple and others, for some time. And now the media streaming app has finally surfaced for iOS users after quite a long wait. Early reports suggest functionality is, for the most part, similar to the Android experience, with support for all major streaming hardware and familiar functionality.

As you would expect, the AllCast icon appears in the lower corner of the app allowing users to beam photos, music, videos and other content from iOS and other services directly to connected HDTVs. 

According to the App Store listing, there is no setup required and it just "works like magic!" That appears to be true, however some reports suggest music streaming might be limited at the moment. Songs purchased from iTunes appear to casting just fine, but some are having trouble bouncing Google Play tracks around the house.

Anyone interested can try out the new iOS version for free, but it appears to have similar limitations as the free Android version, which has a 5 minute viewing limit on images and videos. You'll need to unlock to $5 premium version via in-app purchases to get full unlimited access.