Making good on his word, Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has launched a browser-based chat service called MegaChat. Part of his Mega storage locker, the new service allows users to engage in end-to-end encrypted audio and video chat sessions.

MegaChat is still in the beta stage although no special privileges are needed to make use of it. To get started, simply head over to the Mega site and either log in with your existing credentials or create a new account. Once in, click the chat icon on the left toolbar to initiate a call. Naturally, you'll need at least one other person in your contact list that is also using MegaChat to initiate a call.

Within just a few hours of its launch, the service had logged more than 500,000 calls.

Dotcom is quick to point out that text-based chat and video conferencing features will be added in the near future.

It's too early to know for sure whether or not the service actually provides true end-to-end encryption although I'm sure security experts will be putting that claim to the test as they've previously done with his Mega storage locker - the results of which weren't exactly favorable.

Until the service has been put to the test, we'll simply have to take Dotcom's word at face value.

Dotcom, born Kim Schmitz, is billing MegaChat is a Skype killer. If his service ends up providing the true end-to-end encryption it claims, that might not be too far of a stretch. According to documents released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the agency has had access to Skype communications since at least 2011.