Microsoft has made its latest pre-release build of Windows 10 available for installation to members of its Windows Insider program. The build includes much of what Microsoft showcased earlier this week including the new Start Menu with the ability to expand to a full-screen experience.

The January Technical Preview build - 9926 - also includes Cortana integration. Cortana sits on the taskbar and can help search for apps, settings and files as well as search the web on your behalf. There's also a revised Settings menu which has been reorganized to be more reminiscent of the Control Panel.

Installers will also find the new Photos, Maps and Xbox apps as well as the Windows Store Beta.

Microsoft also implemented some minor changes based on feedback from Insiders. For example, a bug in which keyboard lights weren't working to indicate Caps lock / Num lock / Scroll lock has now been fixed. What's more, the team added an option to select the default folder when opening File Explorer and modified the aesthetics of ALT+TAB.

Notably absent from the update is Spartan, Microsoft's brand new web browser, as well as support for Music Locker which is based on OneDrive.

What are your thoughts on Windows 10 thus far? Do you like the direction Microsoft is going or are we looking at another lackluster OS in the making?