As we all know, companies like Google are under pressure from government agencies to hand over private data from time to time. Recently new information surfaced regarding the search giant passing data to the FBI regarding WikiLeaks some years ago, and now WikiLeaks is demanding answers.

Dating back to 2012 when the initial warrants were served to Google, it has taken 3 years for the company to tell WikiLeaks about it. Google says this was due to a gag order put on it by the government, but regardless WikiLeaks said it isn't happy and that the delay may cause serious issues surrounding "privacy, association and freedom from illegal searches" for it in the future.

While WikiLeaks is asking Google for a list of all the details given to the government and whether or not the search giant attempted to challenge the warrants in anyway, the company has only heard from Google once on the matter so far. That being the Christmas Eve 2014 communication first informing WikiLeaks of the issue. The letter contained some details on Google's cooperation with the FBI including how it handed over all emails and IP addresses pertaining to Wiki employees Joseph Farrell, Sarah Harrison and Kristinn Hrafnsson. It then described the gag order that was in place, without divulging any specific time frame for it.

While Google would like us to think it is fairly responsible about its cooperation with the government, WikiLeaks' Kristinn Hrafnsson doesn't seem to care. He said that it makes him sick knowing the FBI read the words he wrote to console his mother regarding a death in the family.

Google is yet to respond to the WikiLeaks demands.