T-Mobile, the disruptive wireless carrier that famously did away with subsidies, is now bringing them back... sort of. On Monday, T-Mobile unveiled a new program called Score that promises members will never pay full price for a phone again. Here's how it works.

As of today, T-Mobile customers can become Score members for $5 a month. After six months in the program, members will qualify for their first tier of discounts: a free entry-level smartphone like the Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2 that was mentioned in the press release.

After 12 months, customers will have access to deals on any smartphone T-Mobile carries. Examples include a free LG L90 LTE smartphone or at least $150 off a Samsung Galaxy S5.

The Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2 currently retails for $80 and after six months, you'd have paid in just $30 which isn't a bad deal at all. The Galaxy S5, meanwhile, sells for $610 at full price. With Score, you'd have paid in $60 after 12 months and considering the phone sells for $510 with Score, you're coming out about $40 ahead.

Taking advantage of a six- or 12-month offer will restart your program tenture.

The program is available to all prepaid and postpaid T-Mobile customers, even those on the new Simply Prepaid plans.

If you're the type to upgrade on a consistent basis, I can see little reason not to sign up for Score. The kicker, however, and where T-Mobile will earn its money from a program like this is with people that end up not upgrading often enough to cash in on the savings.