"Please put your phones, cameras and laptops in a locker, and we will then measure the distance between your pupils" is how the HoloLens experience began.

I call it an experience and not a demo because the word "demo" does not adequately describe what was about to happen after we walked down three flights of stairs and past 25 security guards whose arms were the size of tree trunks.

I had to have the distance between my pupils measured so that HoloLens could be calibrated for my eyes, but Microsoft said that in the production models, the calibration is done automatically, so consumers won't have to worry about this in the future.

Upon entering the venue where the experiences were being conducted, Microsoft taught us how to, for lack of a better term, left-click with HoloLens. You do this by putting your hand in front of the device - really anywhere in your line of sight - and tap your finger with an exaggerated gesture. It's quite easy, as it only took about 10 seconds to figure it all out once I had HoloLens on my head...

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