Image hosting site Imgur wants to revolutionize the GIF with its brand new conversion process. Now the new video to GIF functionality is up and running, offering some of the best looking looped animations we have seen online.

It is important to note that the feature can convert most video clips online into a much higher quality looking animated file than we are used to, however they don't end up as actual GIFs in most cases. Imgur is leveraging a new format known as GIFV, which essentially spits out a great looking animated file that can be shared just about anywhere a typical video file can be. Aside from the extended sharing options, we are also getting much better looking files at even smaller file sizes than the legacy GIF format. 

Based on reports there are a few minor downfalls at this point though. It seems as though the service makes its own choice on whether or not to convert your file to a GIF or the new GIFV, with very little user options. It also sounds as though embedding the files for users not overly comfortable with HTML is more advanced than most would hope.

You can head over to Imgur and test out the video to GIF generator for yourself.