The return of Star Wars to the big screen later this year with Episode VII: The Force Awakens is making many fans around the globe excited. One fan, who just so happens to be a quadrocopter enthusiast, just couldn't wait to see more of the Millennium Falcon in action, and so decided to use his knowledge to build a real-life flying version of the iconic ship.

The quadrocopter Millennium Falcon started off as a custom-built "Prophecy 335" with a carbon and aluminium frame, and T-Motors 2208-18 1100kV engines. Rather than use this copter for video work, Oliver C (the creator) decided to remove the GoPro in favor of a custom skin complete with movie-accurate lighting.

The final result is delightfully excellent. For budding quadrocopter builders out there, Oliver also documented the entire building process, so you too can create a flying Millennium Falcon just in time for the new film's release.

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