Image hosting and sharing platform Imgur has turned six, and the company is commemorating the occasion by phasing out Imgur Pro, the $3/month or $24/year subscription offering that was announced on the company's first birthday.

This means that everyone using Imgur will now be able to store an unlimited number of images in their account, receive multiple thumbnail options on all uploads, access complete image analytics and referrer data, manage, edit or delete any uploaded image at any time, as well as interact with the community through commenting, voting and sharing.

"It's been an amazing six years for Imgur. What began as a simple image uploading service has transformed into a community of the Internet's most dynamic visual storytellers," Imgur said in a blog post.

However, there's one Imgur Pro feature that won't be available anymore – the company is doing away with the ad-free part of pro accounts, as the site is transitioning entirely to an ad-supported model. "One small display ad per page will now be shown," the company said in an email sent out to current Imgur Pro subscribers.

This means that if you were paying for Imgur Pro to use the service without having to look at advertisements... that's not an option anymore, although your account will remain ad-free until your subscription period runs out.

If you've purchased a Pro subscription within the last 30 days, your money will be automatically refunded to you via PayPal or Google Wallet.