Amazon has launched a new promotional tool that allows people to set up and host online contests. It’s called Amazon Giveaway and it’s primarily designed for those looking to build their brand, generate awareness or elevate their social media presence although virtually anyone (in the US) can use it.

Amazon Giveaway is extremely easy to set up and use. As a host, you’ll need an Amazon account and a credit card to pay for the items you wish to offer contestants. From there, you select the item or items you want to give away and determine the contest format.

Hosts can select between two win models. The first is a first-come, first-served giveaway that rewards early birds while the other is a number-based contest that rewards contestants based on their entry order (every 10th entry wins, for example). Contestants will know immediately whether or not they’ve won.

Those in charge of a contest can also select if they want social media participation; for example, you need to follow them on Twitter to complete the entry process. This is entirely optional, however, as you can host a giveaway just for the heck of it.

Once everything is set up, hosts will receive a URL that they can promote on social media or anywhere else they see fit.

There is no cost to host a giveaway outside of purchasing the items you want to give away from Amazon and paying for sales tax and shipping, the latter of which is estimated during setup. Overages are refunded at the conclusion of a giveaway, as is the value for any unclaimed prizes.

Each contest can offer a maximum of 50 prizes or up to $5,000 in total value although with no limit on the number of individual giveaways one can host, the number of prizes you can ultimately offer is pretty much limitless. Amazon handles all shipping duties and collects tax when applicable.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to boost your social media presence or want to bring attention to your brand or a product you sell on Amazon, this could certainly be worth a try.