Just over a year ago, we profiled Steve Perlman's pCell technology on TechSpot. Short for personal cell, pCell technology promises to solve pretty much every issue relating to current 4G LTE networks. And now, Perlman is getting the opportunity to prove it to the world.

His company, Artemis Networks, has reached an agreement with Dish Network to lease a bit of spectrum in the San Francisco area for up to two year. This should give Perlman enough time to deploy his unique system across the city and silence the drove of doubters out there.

Perlman claims his technology is 35 times faster than current 4G LTE implementations. Where traditional mobile cells aim to blanket an area while avoiding interference, pCells works best when multiple signals collide with each other.

As you add more devices to a single cell tower, it can become saturated and ultimately, the user experience suffers. That's apparently not the case with pCells as they will provide maximum bandwidth regardless of how many devices are connected at once.

It sounds pretty futuristic and according to a number of experts up to this point, it's highly unlikely to work with existing technology. To help silence the doubters, Perlman has published a 100-plus page white paper to explain in greater detail exactly what's taking place.

Perlman, known for founding multiple companies over the years including WebTV and OnLive, still needs to get regulatory approval before moving forward. If everything goes as planned, his network could be up and running in San Francisco by the end of the year.