Instagram has garnered a large user base with its quick photo based sharing. Like other popular content based social networks, its has also captured the attention of brands and companies who use the Facebook-owned site to promote products and services. While the company has updated from basic photo sharing to time lapse images and even videos, it is now preparing to introduce photo sets.

Better thought of as carousel ads, the new image sets will only be available to brands from the get-go, or at least until Instagram is ready to push it out to everyone. Sponsored posts running down the main feed will now have a small icon showing users they can swipe across the front image to see the rest of the set. Beyond that, brands can also add a link in the package which will send clickers to that company's official site.

Photo sets of this nature have slowly become available from just about all the other major players including Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. While only available for brands at this point, it seems as though once the initial testing phase is over the company might consider a full roll out for everyone. Recent public statements from the company say that the new feature is still in a state of flux and that it will be test driving several different variations of the feature over the coming weeks before landing on a final iteration.