Generally one of the go-to places for internet GIFs, Imgur is making a strong push to be much more than that. It recently introduced a new format for animated images, increasing the quality while reducing file sizes drastically, and now it is ready to expand its services even further. 

Its next move is an all new iOS app that looks to offer much more than just a place to grab/make a quick meme or GIF. While there was already an Imgur app available for iOS, the company has now pulled the legacy version and released a new one with several additional features. On top of a complete redesign with a focus on content over clutter, the company is also introducing several basic features not previously found on its mobile app. Users will find threaded discussions for images, swipe-based browsing, ranking/voting and even favoriting for those that login through the app.

Not groundbreaking stuff, but certainly a nice addition for those that use Imgur regularly.  It may also promote new users to the service with a more rounded out set of features.

One major feature still missing from the app is the ability to upload images on-the-go. While this seems like a glaring omission on Imgur's part, the company has already stated publicly that the feature is coming very soon to mobile.

No details were mention just yet but it sounds as though the updated mobile app will be making its way to other platforms in the future as well. You can check out the new free app here.