Cyanogen has long since been a popular alternative to stock Android, but many feel its core experience is lacking the horsepower it needs to actually take on Google's suite of mobile service/apps. While it may still be some time before that happens, a new partnership appears to be taking the company in the right direction.

While Cyanogen users already had access to its community-built email client, the next major update will come with Boxer's email software as the default option. As some have mentioned, a partner like Boxer is a powerful one and is certainly one of the biggest upgrades coming to Cyanogen OS 12.

This isn't a slimmed down version of the Boxer email client either. It looks as though we will be seeing its full suite of features including quick replies, Exchange integration and other multi-account functionality. But most importantly, there will be a deep level of user customization in place. Those interested will be able to select a wide range of settings to tinker with including swipe prompts, LED color notifications for various contacts/accounts, and more.

Cyanogen OS 12 is scheduled to roll out over the coming weeks for OnePlus One and YU Yureka. While the addition of Boxer may not convince loyal stock Android users to jump ship, it is certainly a nice option for avid Cyanogen users.