Dropbox introduced us to a new badge feature for shared document editing back in December, followed by some new synching features last month. The Dropbox badge has been in early access for sometime, but the feature is now ready to go primetime

It allows users to know who is editing a shared document, among other things. Collaborators can also see how long others have been editing, get access to a quick link of the most updated version of a given file, and generate links to share documents. The feature is also available to Dropbox for Business customers as well.

On top of that, the early access program is also getting a built-in comments/feedback feature, which aligns along the side of documents similar to Google's set-up. There is also a built-in communication system in place, which allows users to ping collaborators via email and mobile notifications using a traditional identifier tag. Dropbox describes it as a simple way to call attention to comments that certain individuals need to know about or deal with. While the comments feature appears to only be coming for iOS and desktop users at first, those on Android should see the feature come in the future.

Dropbox says that nearly 13,000 customers have opted in for its early access program. Those interested can sign up here.