Prices of applications in the Windows Store on both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone are set to rise on April 13 for the vast majority of countries, as Microsoft is re-adjusting regional pricing across the globe to account for changes in currency exchange rates.

The change in app prices can be attributed to the rising value of the US dollar against many European currencies, which is why some nations in the region will be hit by price hikes of 20 per cent or more. Among the hardest hit are the United Kingdom, Russia, Scandinavian nations, Mexico, Poland and several South American countries.

Microsoft isn't raising the prices of apps for their home country, the United States, as the US Dollar is the company's base currency. App prices in regional Windows Stores are set relative to the US dollar, so any changes you see will reflect the current exchange rate.

For developers, the changes to app prices will occur automatically, so it might be worth heading into the Dev Center to see if any adjustments need to be made.

Microsoft isn't the only company to recently change the prices for their products based on fluctuating currencies. Two weeks ago, Apple raised the prices of their smartphones, laptops and more in many countries across the globe, in some cases pushing prices up considerably. If the US dollar continues to strengthen, expect other companies to follow suit.