Have you ever accidentally tugged on your headphone cable only to hurt your ears or send your gadgets flying? A new Kickstarter project called Magzet attempts to prevent this from happening by providing a magnetic connection at the end of your headphone cable.

The two-part Magzet connector works with any standard 3.5mm audio jack, such as the one found on your smartphone. One half of the connector, named the MagKap, slots over the end of your headphone cable, while the other half, named the MagJack, plugs directly into the 3.5mm jack on your device.

When the two ends are connected via magnetic attraction, your headphones work perfectly with "superb" audio quality. But when the cable is suddenly moved or tugged, the Magzet disconnects and saves your gadgets from disaster, similar to how Apple's MagSafe power connector works on their laptops.

The team behind Magzet hopes to ship out the product to backers by the end of the year, so long as they reach their $294,000 goal. While they already have working prototypes of the connector, some of the money will go to reducing the size of the adapter for the final version.

If you want to back the project, a pledge of $20 will net you a complete Magzet with one MagKap and one MagJack. Higher pledges will get you more Kaps and Jacks, up to a $99 "ultimate" pledge with three Kaps for various headphones and five Jacks for all your devices.