While in most cases we want the best possible quality when browsing the web, there are occasions when reducing the amount of data we are using is necessary. Google has offered options for Android and iOS users for some time, and it is now offering a similar feature to Chrome on the desktop via a browser extension.

The new Chrome add-on, known as Data Server, slims down webpages via optimization processes before sending them to you. That data compression proxy service Google has in place can bring the amount of data a page takes down by as much as 50% in some cases. The extension, which is still in beta form, is noted to compress sites before users bring them up, but does not support SSL and incognito pages.

After being installed to Chrome and enabled, Data Server will start offering compressed pages as well as some handy information via a browser tool bar. From there, users will find quick on/off functionality and a live, daily readout of how much data is being saved.

For those interested, Data Server is available on the desktop through the Chrome Web Store for free. But as we mentioned above, this is still in beta and may contain some issues here and there.