Up until this point, Asus has been solely focused on producing G-Sync monitors for the gamers out there with Nvidia graphics cards. However this is set to change, with the company preparing to release their first FreeSync monitor, the MG279Q.

The MG279Q was first shown off at CES 2015 as a 27-inch 2560 x 1440 IPS LCD monitor with a 120 Hz refresh rate, and generic support for the Adaptive Sync specification in DisplayPort 1.2a. Since then, Asus has received official FreeSync certification for the display, while also raising the maximum refresh rate to 144 Hz with a minimum of 40 Hz.

With a 1440p resolution, 144 Hz refresh rate, FreeSync, and use of high-quality IPS technology, the MG279Q is shaping up to be an excellent monitor for gamers. It adds to the solid collection of FreeSync monitors now available, including 144 Hz 1440p TN panels from BenQ and Acer, as well as ultra-wide displays from LG.

Asus hasn't confirmed the exact price for the MG279Q, but it's expected to retail for around $600 going on what was revealed at CES. Like with most FreeSync monitors, this is around $200 cheaper than the nearest G-Sync competitor, Acer's Predator XB270HU with nearly identical specifications.

If you're eyeing off the MG279Q, it should be available very soon.