Apple's decision to include just a single port on its new 12-inch MacBook provoked the ire of many, and perhaps rightfully so. Adapters are the obvious answer for devices lacking a USB Type-C interface but what if you have multiple devices that need to be connected at once?

A product currently being funded on Kickstarter appears to be a viable solution to the MacBook's port limitation conundrum. It's called the InfiniteUSB-C and true to its name, this simple but ingenious adapter allows users to connect an unlimited number of devices through the single port.

InfiniteUSB launched its Kickstarter campaign nearly a month ago by offering MicroUSB, Lightning and Female USB variants that use the traditional type A USB header. The team only recently added the InfiniteUSB-C adapter to the mix.

InfiniteUSB works the same regardless of interface. It's a small adapter that plugs into the port on your notebook. There's a female connector on the opposite end that allows you to daisy chain additional devices / adapters and a flexible cable to connect another device. Each time an InfiniteUSB adapter is added, it creates a new USB port on the computer.

The campaign has already raised more than $171,000 (far more than its initial $10,000 goal) with five days remaining. A pledge of $14 will secure you a standard connector version while $18 will be needed for the Type-C model. Adapters are expected to ship in June and July, respectively.