After LAPD Chief Charlie Beck sent a letter to Google late last year regarding the fact that community-driven traffic app Waze could jeopardize the safety of his officers, the city of Los Angeles is now embracing the app through a public partnership that'll benefit all parties involved.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Following in Boston's footsteps, the LA Mayor's Office recently announced the partnership via Twitter (with a live Periscope feed). It seems like a natural fit as Los Angeles is Waze's largest market in the US. But what exactly does the partnership mean for commuters?

It's really all about getting things done as the data sharing goes both ways. For example, the city will share information regarding events, road closures, film shoots, nearby hit & runs and even Amber Alerts.

With access to the Waze network, the city will be alerted to road hazards like tree limbs, downed power lines and auto accidents. With any luck, this will allow road crews and emergency response teams to arrive on scene sooner and get incidents cleared up in a timely manner.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said the data will be updated every two minutes to give motorists the information needed to avoid road closures and get home in time for dinner.

As for Beck, he met with Waze representatives earlier this week. Together, the two sides "made a lot of progress" after sharing his concerns regarding the app.

Images via Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images / Fast Company