It's approaching the one year anniversary of the Surface Pro 3's launch, so one would expect that the popular tablet from Microsoft will be getting a refresh sometime soon. While Microsoft isn't ready to share any details on a Surface Pro 4 just yet, a report from Chinese site 36kr has apparently revealed what the tablet will contain.

The main upgrade shouldn't come as a surprise: the Surface Pro 4 is said to pack a 5th-generation Intel Core processor from the company's Broadwell line, which is an expected upgrade on the Haswell processor in the current model. However, while the CPU inside won't be Core M, it will apparently be fanless.

Intel's U-series Broadwell CPUs typically generate too much heat to use in a fully-fanless design, but Microsoft will reportedly integrate tiny holes into the design of the Surface Pro 4 to facilitate better heat dissipation. Even with tiny holes the Surface Pro 4 could run rather hot, so it's possible the holes are actually included to provide airflow to a smaller, quieter fan.

The Surface Pro 4 will also come with a slimmer body, according to the report, but won't be lighter. The 12-inch, 2160 x 1440 display will remain, as will the kickstand and the selection of ports found around the edges.

Microsoft will launch the Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 on-board, which suggests the tablet will be available sometime in the middle of the year. The latest rumors suggest Windows 10 will launch at the end of July, so if this is accurate, expect the Surface Pro 4 to debut around that timeframe.