Google's Chrome web browser has surpassed the 25 percent browser market share milestone, jumping 0.69 percentage points to finish at 25.68 percent according to the latest numbers from web analytics firm Net Applications. What's funny about these numbers is that they are very far off from other measurements by competing firms. According to StatCounter, Chrome is not only the most popular mobile browser without tablets but also with them counted in. StatCounter stats had Chrome surpassing the 50% share of the desktop browser market last January.

Internet Explorer continues to drop in usage while Mozilla's Firefox usually ranks second when looking at desktop PCs, and third when looking at all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) behind Chrome + Android and Safari (OS X and iOS).

Last week was big for Microsoft as it finally gave Project Spartan an official name, Microsoft Edge. Based on what we've seen of the browser thus far, it looks to be a solid solution with a fresh new look, deep Cortana integration and some nifty new features like annotation and Reading Mode. IE11 in particular is not bad, and Edge will be based on some of its technology, but Microsoft cleverly has dropped the IE name and is looking to start off fresh.

How it'll actually handle day-to-day web surfing, however, will likely be the deciding factor for most.